English edit

Etymology edit

adverb +‎ -ize

Verb edit

adverbize (third-person singular simple present adverbizes, present participle adverbizing, simple past and past participle adverbized)

  1. To convert to an adverb.
    • 1947, New England Poultry Review:
      The poultry industry has shown rapid, solid growth during the past few years not only commercially but also "fancierly" — if I may adverbize the noun fancier.
    • 2007, Iowa Alumni Magazine:
      As for eschewing modifiers, he encourages writers to adjectivize and adverbize inventively, and even to concoct neologisms, or made-up words.
    • 2010, J. Brown, Cyborgs in Latin America, Springer, →ISBN:
      Furthermore, the way in which Mantra takes two nouns, “máscara” and “luchador” and adverbizes or adjectivizes them suggests a subjectivity based on process rather than location.