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Blend of advertisement +‎ antique


advertique (plural advertiques)

  1. Any antique promotional gift item.
    • 1977, Cecil Munsey, Illustrated Guide to Collectible Bottles, page 267:
      These miscellaneous advertising items, often called advertiques, were generally useful in nature and were saved as a result.
    • 1979, Marguerite Ashworth Brunner, How to sell your collectibles, antiques, and crafts at a profit, page 29:
      Any item with the name of the firm that gave it away on it is an advertique. Souvenir spoons, tin trays, trade cards, []
    • 1988, Stanley C. Hollander, Terence R. Nevett, Ronald A. Fullerton, Historical perspectives in marketing (page 211)
      They hold a historical library of printed and audiovisual materials, research and reference collections of advertisements in various media, display items, slides for presentations, manuscripts materials, and artifacts and advertiques.
    • 1990, William C. Ketchum Jr, The new and revised catalog of American antiques, page 508:
      Another one-of-a-kind advertique, this example is in excellent condition.