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From Ancient Greek ἀγαθός (agathós, good) and κακός (kakós, bad)


agathokakological (comparative more agathokakological, superlative most agathokakological)

  1. (rare) composed of both good and evil.
    • 1865, Robert Southey, The Doctor, Etc, page 120:
      There may be an opposite fault; for indeed upon the agathokakological globe there are opposite qualities always to be found in parallel degrees, north and south of the equator.
    • 2012, Randy M Harrison, Completion and Perfection, Randy M Harrison →ISBN, page 59
      Just throwing a number out, I'd say he is at least seven or seven and a half feet tall. Not really muscular, just tall, thin, and brooding with something evil, or at the very least an agathokakological sense of being.
    • 2015, Ronan O'Callaghan, Walzer, Just War and Iraq: Ethics as Response, Routledge →ISBN
      When any project dominates your life for a sizeable length of time, let alone the best part of six years, you have to accept the agathokakological nature of the beast.