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Agrostis blasdalei
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From New Latin, via the genus name Agrostis.


agrostis (usually uncountable, plural agrostises)

  1. Any grass of the genus Agrostis, bentgrass.
    • 1891, Katharine Prescott Wormeley, The Lily of the Valley[1], translation of original by Honore de Balzac:
      Above, see those delicate threads of the purple amoret, with its flood of anthers that are nearly yellow; the snowy pyramids of the meadow-sweet, the green tresses of the wild oats, the slender plumes of the agrostis, which we call wind-ear; roseate hopes, decking love's earliest dream and standing forth against the gray surroundings.
    • 1894, John Muir, The Mountains of California[2]:
      The ground is littered with fallen trunks that lie crossed and recrossed like storm-lodged wheat; and besides this close forest of pines, the rich moraine soil supports a luxuriant growth of ribbon-leaved grasses--bromus, triticum, calamagrostis, agrostis, etc., which rear their handsome spikes and panicles above your waist.