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anthropic principle (plural anthropic principles)

  1. Any of several similar explanations for the nature of the universe, and for the values of its fundamental constants, that states either that the universe is as it is because otherwise we wouldn't be here to observe it, or that the very presence of intelligent life constrains the universe to be as it is.
    • 1994 Anthony Weir - Dispatches from the War Against the World
      The Anthropic Principle states that the universe seems to be arranged in a way that favours the appearance and survival of life.
    • 1997 Virginia Trimble - Cosmology: Where in the $&#** - Beam Line: Fall 1997
      A remarkably delicate balance between the small scale phenomena of atomic and nuclear physics and the large scale phenomena of astronomy and cosmology is required for the Universe to be hospitable to chemically based life. Efforts to prove that this must be so are sometimes dignified by the name "anthropic principle."
    • 2012 September 27, “The Date Night Variable”, in The Big Bang Theory, season 6, episode 1:
      Sheldon: The anthropic principle states that if we wish to explain why our universe exists the way it does, the answer is that it must have qualities that allow intelligent creatures to arise who are capable of asking the question, as I am doing so eloquently right now.
      Leonard: I know what the anthropic principle is.
      Sheldon: Of course, I just explained it to you. Now, where do you stand on it?
      Leonard: Where do you stand on it?
      Sheldon: Strongly pro.
      Leonard: Then I believe that God created the world in six days, and on the seventh he made you to annoy me.


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