anti- +‎ travel


antitravel (comparative more antitravel, superlative most antitravel)

  1. Opposing or preventing travel.
    • 1961, United States Congress, Hearings: Volume 3
      I need not dwell on the effect of the antitravel tax on our common carrier transportation services in the United States.
    • 1994, Anne Friedberg, Window shopping: cinema and the postmodern, page 100:
      As a film that professes an antitravel message, it asserts the beauty of cinematic spectatorship as a more spectacular and fluid form of virtual mobility.
    • 2003, University of Oklahoma, World literature today: Volume 77, Issues 1-4
      "It's already been done," he responded dejectedly, which was why he was writing an antitravel book about his home region: "You see, there's nowhere left to go."