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Middle English travelen (to make a laborious journey, travel) from Middle Scots travailen "to toil, work, travel", alteration of Middle English travaillen (to toil, work), from Old French travailler (to trouble, suffer, be worn out). See travail. Displaced native Middle English faren (to travel, fare) (from Old English faran (to travel, journey)), Middle English lithen (to go, travel) (from Old English līþan (to go, travel)), Middle English feren (to go, travel) (from Old English fēran (to go, travel)), Middle English ȝewalken, iwalken (to walk about, travel) (from Old English ġewealcan (to go, traverse)), Middle English swinken (to work, travel) (from Old English swincan (to labour, work at)). More at fare.



travel (third-person singular simple present travels, present participle travelling or (US) traveling, simple past and past participle travelled or (US) traveled)

  1. (intransitive) To be on a journey, often for pleasure or business and with luggage; to go from one place to another.
    I like to travel.
  2. (intransitive) To pass from here to there; to move or transmit; to go from one place to another.
    Soundwaves can travel through water.
  3. (intransitive, basketball) To move illegally by walking or running without dribbling the ball.
  4. (transitive) To travel throughout (a place).
    I’ve travelled the world.
  5. (transitive) To force to journey.
    • Spenser
      They shall not be travelled forth of their own franchises.
  6. (obsolete) To labour; to travail.
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travel (countable and uncountable, plural travels)

  1. The act of traveling.
    space travel
    travel to Spain
  2. pl A series of journeys.
  3. pl An account of one's travels.
    I’m off on my travels around France again.
  4. The activity or traffic along a route or through a given point.
  5. The working motion of a piece of machinery; the length of a mechanical stroke.
    There was a lot of travel in the handle, because the tool was out of adjustment.
    My drill press has a travel of only 1.5 inches.
  6. (obsolete) Labour; parturition; travail.


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