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From ant +‎ -ly.


antly (comparative antlier or more antly, superlative antliest or most antly)

  1. Of, resembling, characteristic of, or pertaining to ants; formic.
    • 1964, Conrad Aiken, Richard P. Blackmur, The collected novels of Conrad Aiken:
      Statues, of heroic size, would be erected to the great ant heroes — warriors, builders, or what not — inscribed with phrases like, "He was the antliest ant of all time." . . . And of course there would be an anthropomorphic god.
    • 2005, Tim Walsh, Timeless toys:
      Beside the pool, the little workers were diligently going about their antly business, unnoticed by everybody except Milton.
    • 2007, Robert Malcolm Murray, Jan Narveson, Liberty, Games and Contracts:
      Such a plan just wouldn't be reasonable, given typical antly survival requirements. Cooperation is surely the best policy. It would be much wiser for each ant to align its behaviour with that of its fellows, provided those other ants do [...]
    • 2007, Piers Anthony, Stork Naked:
      You must accept a proffered Pique Ant ambassador, as you are pique ants too. By antly protocol you are obliged to grant me the hospitality of the hill for a day and night.” “This is highly irregular.” “Nevertheless legitimate.