See also: Arimã and ARIMA



Ultimately from Latin anima.


arima ?

  1. soul


Declension of arima (inanimate, ending in -a)
indefinite singular plural
absolutive arima arima arimak
ergative arimak arimak arimek
dative arimari arimari arimei
genitive arimaren arimaren arimen
comitative arimarekin arimarekin arimekin
causative arimarengatik arimarengatik arimengatik
benefactive arimarentzat arimarentzat arimentzat
instrumental arimaz arimaz arimez
inessive arimatan ariman arimetan
locative arimatako arimako arimetako
allative arimatara arimara arimetara
terminative arimataraino arimaraino arimetaraino
directive arimatarantz arimarantz arimetarantz
destinative arimatarako arimarako arimetarako
ablative arimatatik arimatik arimetatik
partitive arimarik
prolative arimatzat