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arthropodean (not comparable)

  1. (zoology) Of, resembling, or relating to the Arthropoda.
    • 1904, Royal Irish Academy, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, page 320:
      …the tendency at present is to regard such stages as of hardly any importance at all. Then comparisons have constantly been made between Arthropodean and…
    • 1906, John Edward Salvin Moore with Charles Edward Walker and the Liverpool Cancer Research Committee, First report on the cytological investigation of cancer, 1906, page 77:
      Passing from the above vertebrate example to the old arthropodean type Periplaneta we find, as fig. 5 and the table on p. will show, that here the number of the types of gemini is reduced from six to five.
    • 1909, Walter Edward Collinge et alii, The Journal of Economic Biology, page 20:
      Briefly the author endeavours to prove that vertebrates are derived directly from arthropods, that the arthropodean alimentary canal is represented by the ventricles of the brain and the central canal of the spinal cord, the pituitary body and embryonic pharynx represent the mouth of the arthropod, and the neurenteric canal the primitive anus.
    • 1955: AUTHOR UNKNOWN, Research films, p429 or 119 (sources contradict)MENTION ONLY
      (888) MANTON, S. M. The Evolution of Arthropodean Locomotory Mechanisms. Part I. The Locomotion of Peripatus. J. Linn. Soc. (Zool.) 1950, 41, 529.
    • 2000: The Paleontological Society, the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Journal of Paleontology, p84
      …the arthropod inherited: — profuse segmentation and its segmental organs; its nervous system and sense organs, including segmental eyes from the peristome as well as from the succeeding segments; besides two pairs of eyes from the prostomium; a pair of antennae and anal cerci, besides the normal appendages, which in the interval between the polychaet and the pro-arthropod had acquired arthropodean character and were biramous; and pleura, which also are appendages, being derived from foliate lobes of…