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From art +‎ -some.


artsome (comparative more artsome, superlative most artsome)

  1. Characterised by art, the arts, or artistry
    • 2006, Malcolm Gillies, ‎David Pear, ‎Mark Carroll, Self-Portrait of Percy Grainger:
      [...] it is laughatable ((absurd)) to think that the lower races can judge of artsome howths [qualities] that are too far above them for them to be able to see at all.
    • 2007, Bonnie Kime Scott, Gender in Modernism:
      Recondite adventures in the insipid, the artsome, the equine, do not amuse my servant or myself.
    • 2015 (original 1900), George Bernard Shaw, When We Dead Awaken:
      But Life will not yield up her more intimate secrets for eighteenpence an hour; and these earnest young ladies and artsome young men, when they have filled portfolios with such sordid life studies, know less about living humanity than they did before, [...]