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Arabic التَنُّور(at-tannūr, baker's oven).



athanor (plural athanors)

  1. A furnace or stove, designed and used to maintain uniform heat; primarily used by alchemists.
    • 1894, “The Magical Equilibrium”, in Lucifer, volume 14:
      The magician then should not live exclusively in his laboratory, among his athanors, his elixirs, and his pantacles.
    • 1972, Israel Regardie, The Tree of Life: A Study in Magic, page 254:
      Hence while the Operation of the Mass is in progress, and the fire in the Athanor becomes more intense, an enthusiastic invocation, either astral or audible, should be recited.
    • 2013, Edward Whittemore, Jerusalem Poker:
      Omitted references in the sixteenth century. Incomprehensible additions and deletions made by dazed scribes suffering from poor candlelight, weak from unbalanced diets, given to sudden attacks of vertigo as they struggled through the night with pen and paper in vaulted medieval laboratories, hopelessly trying to record the great doctor's mutterings, his whispered arcane wisdom that rose with the fumes spiraling up from his vast array of pelicans and alembics, crucibles and athanors.



athanor m (plural athanors)

  1. athanor