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From atheo- (from a- + theo-) +‎ -phobic.


atheophobic (comparative more atheophobic, superlative most atheophobic)

  1. Having fear or hatred of atheism or atheists
    • 1987, Rafford, Robert L., “Atheophobia: An Introduction”, in Religious Humanism[1], volume 21, Fellowship of Religious Humanists, page 34:
      He was atheophobic.
    • 2003 Spring, Nash, Robert J., Religion & Education, volume 30, number 1, New York, DOI:10.1080/15507394.2003.10012315, ISSN 1550-7394:
      These students, along with some faculty, are the non-believers who fit the atheophobic stereotypes that I mentioned earlier.
    • 2009 October/November, Rand, David, “Theism As Hate Propaganda”, in Free Inquiry[2], volume 29, number 6, ISSN 0272-0701:
      Is it possible to believe in a god-creator of moral principles and nevertheless not be atheophobic, i.e., not consider non-believers morally inferior?


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