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From auxlang +‎ -er.



auxlanger (plural auxlangers)

  1. Someone who creates auxiliary languages (auxlangs).
    • 1997 February 18, Richard K Harrison, “Naturalismo e schematicismo, un problema in linguas auxiliar”, sci.lang, Usenet,
      Artlangers invent languages for the joy of it. They follow their whims and freely admit that they have done so. You vile auxlangers will not admit that you have yielded to whims, choosing instead to concoct elaborate webs of rationalization about your imaginary future users. You auxlangers use your projects as clubs to whack each other on the head; the only joy you get out of glossopoeia is in the argumentation that you hope to incite. Shame on you.
    • 2003 July 11, Theodore Kloba, “The Solution: Modlanging”, alt.language.artificial, Usenet
      Of course this isn't really a newsgroup of auxlangers. It is a newsgroup that includes some auxlangers. Many of us are more interested in artlangs than auxlangs.
    • 2003 April 29, Dana Nutter, “anticipating language change”, alt.language.artificial, Usenet,
      Well, they both have different goals in mind. Artlangers are out to create an atmosphere for literary purposes. Variations and illogic demonstrate something about the culture.
      An auxlanger is creating something practical that's designed to be used by humans for communicating.

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