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  1. (idiomatic, intransitive) To be alive, existent, or present.
    I'll be around for another hour or so.
    This restaurant has been around since 1938.
    • 1918, Booth Tarkington, The Magnificent Ambersons, ch. 34:
      Well, sir, you remember this young Georgie sort of disappeared, after his grandfather's death, and nobody seemed to know much what had become of him—though I did hear, once or twice, that he was still around somewhere.
    • 2005, Ed Levine, "It's All in How the Dog Is Served," New York Times, 25 May (retrieved 1 Jan. 2009):
      The New York-style hot dog I love has been around for well over a hundred years.
  2. (idiomatic, transitive) To be near; to socialize with.
    You're fun to be around.

Usage notesEdit

  • When this expression has the sense of "to be alive" or "to be existent," it is often used with still.
  • The related form to have been around can have a distinctly different meaning.

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