From bear +‎ -ly. Compare bearlike.


bearly (comparative bearlier or more bearly, superlative bearliest or most bearly)

  1. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of bears; ursine.
    • 1930, Hearst's international combined with Cosmopolitan: Volume 89:
      He was going to be a bearly bear. With a bearly mate.
    • 1955, Agnes L. McCarthy, James Kenner Agnew, Prose and poetry for appreciation:
      Past two years old Keg was now, a big and very bearly bear, and with the first tocsin of fall in the air he'd wandered off toward Sugar-loaf, answering the call of his kind.
  2. Common misspelling of burly.
    • 2010, Clydal Vania, On the Flight to Nowhere:
      All acting like nothing even happened at all. (Then, a half hour later) Boom! BOOOM!! (There's a poundin down at the door) As Jeanie goes ta answer it, as im in the kitchen getting cereal. As another Big bearly Man Comes barging in.


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