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From be- +‎ flutter.


beflutter (third-person singular simple present beflutters, present participle befluttering, simple past and past participle befluttered)

  1. (intransitive) To flutter around or about.
  2. (transitive) To cause to flutter; fluster.
    • 1835, The new British Novelist:
      “Yes, my Lady,” answered the abigail; “only your Ladyship has quite befluttered me; I'm not drist to appear before your Ladyship.”
    • 1836, Anne Marsh-Caldwell, Tales of the woods and fields:
      But I hate to leave you in rusty black, poring over these musty folios, and making all those dreadful rounds, squares, and triangles — those necromancing hideous figures, for hours together, while I am befluttering myself, [...]
    • 1841, Mrs. Gore (Catherine Grace Frances), Cecil, a peer: a sequel to Cecil, or, The adventures of a coxcomb:
      I wish it may be any of their fortunes when between forty and forty-five they have been foolish enough to beflutter their spirits and senses with notions of second boyhood, [...]