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From Middle English bishiten, bischiten, from Old English besċītan (to befoul), equivalent to be- +‎ shit. See also beshite.


beshit (third-person singular simple present beshits, present participle beshitting, simple past and past participle beshit or beshat)

  1. (transitive, possibly vulgar or offensive) To soil with excrement; shit all over.
    • 1562, John Heywood, The Proverbs, Epigrams, and Miscellanies of John Heywood[1], page 89:
      He looked like one that had beshit the roast.
    • 1760, Thomas Brown, “Advice to Dr. Oates”, in Works Serious and Comical in Prose and Verse[2], page 243:
      Your heart must need be grip'd and full of stitches,
      And you may well thro' fear beshit your britches.
    • 2003, Jim Harrison, Off to the Side:
      Man has an inexhaustible ability to beshit his environment, with politicians well in the lead.
    • 2010, Howard Jacobson, The Making of Henry, ISBN 1446413063, page 12:
      He will beshit himself in a public place.