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Derived from the noun at hand in Stad (city; place). Compare Middle High German bestaten (to lead to a place; to furnish; to lend), which is probably a loan translation of Latin locāre, and this Latin verb also means “to give a girl in marriage” (virginem in matrimonium locare). The same word, with a very different semantic development, is German bestatten (to bury).



bestueden (third-person singular present bestit, past participle bestuet, auxiliary verb hunn)

  1. (transitive) to marry (to take a spouse)
    Hatt wëllt e räichen Acteur bestueden.
    She wants to marry a rich actor.
  2. (transitive) to marry (to join in matrimony)
    De Paschtouer huet d'Koppel bestuet.
    The priest married the couple.