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biggers pl (plural only)

  1. Those bigger than oneself.
    • Forest and Stream (1882) Outing, Volumes 1-2[1], page 62: “Do not his biggers and betters brag of scores which would not have been made if their guides and oarsmen had not fished?”
    • 1893, Olive Thorne Miller, Little Brothers of the Air[2]:
      For whether he clung to the walls, or made stepping-stones of his brothers and sisters (as do many of his betters, or at least his biggers), who can tell?
    • Francis William Rolt-Wheeler (1919) The boy with the U.S. trappers[3], page 259 of 388: “No cattle-killing grizzly this, but a rumbling big black bear, who perhaps, but not surely, might once or twice, in his life have dined on lamb or veal, yet who had stumbled into the fate made for his biggers if not his betters.”



  1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bigger