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From bio- +‎ stimulate


biostimulate (third-person singular simple present biostimulates, present participle biostimulating, simple past and past participle biostimulated)

  1. To stimulate biologically.
    • 1985, Paul J. Godfrey, Ecological considerations in wetlands treatment of municipal wastewaters, page 457:
      I think, though, that they are in quantities sufficient to biostimulate receiving waters.
    • 2013, Stem Cells—Advances in Research and Application: 2013 Edition[1]:
      The soft tissue diode laser used in the LAPOR protocol, biostimulates the healing response of the periodontium nonsurgically, and biostimulates the tissue regeneration of the periodontium, nonsurgically, and prevents long junctional epithelium from migrating downwards into the sulcus (a biomechanical aspect of tissue healing), thereby preserving the tissue height.
    • 2014, Joydeep Mukherjee, Biotechnological Applications of Biodiversity[2], page 173:
      Several bioremediation companies are now providing a range of products and services for microbial decontamination of polluted soil and water, which include a supply of biostimulating formulations, designing of bioremediation programs, field management and supervision, remediation performance review, and even development of custommized site-specific microbial consortia.

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