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Blend of black +‎ hipster, influenced by blip +‎ -ster.


blipster (plural blipsters)

  1. An ethnically black (African-American) hipster.
    • 2009, Robert Lanham, "Look at This Fucking Hipster Basher", The Dallas Morning News, 29 June 2009:
      You get the sense that if Jimi Hendrix were to show up in Echo Park today, he’d be publicly mocked in a style section piece on blipsters for wearing a feathered fedora.
    • 2011, Patrice Evans, Negropedia: The Assimilated Negro's Crash Course on the Modern Black Experience, Three Rivers Press (2011), ISBN 9780307463807, page 182:
      Blipsters hate hip-hop unless they are spoofing it (Das Racist), turning it into a mash-up (Danger Mouse), updating it to sound more techno-punk (Santigold, Ninjasonik), or getting it from an unlikely source (e.g., Swedish songstress Lykke Li covering A Tribe Called Quest).
    • 2014, Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist, Corsair (2014), ISBN 9781472119742, unnumbered page:
      During the first season, I wondered why Hannah and her friends didn't have at least one blipster friend or why Hannah's boss at the publishing house or one or more of the girls' love interests couldn't be an actor of color.