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blow someone's brains out



blow someone's brains out

  1. (slang) To shoot in the head.
    • 1724, A General History of the Pyrates, page 319:
      ...for Moody, on this Occaſion, took a large Glaſs from him, and threatned to blow his Brains out, (a favourite Phraſe with theſe Pyrates) if he muttered at it.
    • 1763, John Shebbeare, Lydia, or Filial Piety: A Novel, volume 3, page 66:
      In Conſequence of this a profound Silence enſued, the Earl depending on his Skill in the Sword, longing to run the Baronet through the Body; and Sir Timothy, knowing himſelf a good Shot, to blow the Earl’s Brains out.
    • 1783, The Trial of Lieutenant Charles Bourne, Upon the Prosecution of Sir James Wallace, Knt. for an Assault, page 54:
      Sir James Wallace pulls out a piſtol from his pocket and cocks it, and ſays, if you ſpeak to me I will blow your brains out immediately
    • 1883, Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island:
      “One more step, Mr. Hands,” said I, “and I’ll blow your brains out!
    • 1988, Tom Clancy, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, page 540:
      He’d probably blow his brains out a week after the fact, but that might be a little late for the rest of us.
    • 1994 Mike Werb, The Mask, Lt. Kellerway (played by Peter Riegert):
      Start dancing and I'll blow your brains out!