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boom goes the dynamite




Coined by Brian Collins, a college student from Ball State, during a collegiate basketball sportscast.


boom goes the dynamite

  1. Indicating that something spectacular has happened, particularly where a plan or an effort has successfully culminated.
    • 2006 November, Susan Schnier, "The Bomb Squad: A day in the boots of Squaw Valley's snow-safety patrol", in Skiing, page 126:
      Brown and Paden ride the Silverado chairway to heaven. And...boom goes the dynamite.
    • 2006, Bradley Myers, I Was a Teenage Dumpeal[1], page 161:
      "Fine, have it your way." ¶ And boom goes the dynamite! ¶ I had won the battle.
    • 2010 November 22, David Hoselton, "Small Sacrifices", House:
      Boom goes the dynamite, scores are tied, and we are even-steven!
    • 2011, Adrianne Byrd, King's Promise[2], page 69:
      In the next second, that is exactly what happened. Big Man made a wide Texas swing, left his chin open and boom! goes the dynamite.