both-sides (third-person singular simple present both-sideses, present participle both-sidesing, simple past and past participle both-sidesed)

  1. (derogatory) To engage in bothsidesism, to treat a policy debate or controversy as a conflict between two equally valid (or equally dangerous, etc) viewpoints.
    • 2019, Deember 30, Greg Sargent, "Explosive New Revelations Just Weakened Trump's Impeachment Defense", The Washington Post Plum Line blog.
      "McConnell badly needs the media's both-sidesing instincts to hold firm against the brute facts of the situation."
    • 2020, February 4, "Lisa Murkowski Sick of All the Corruption, Will Vote to Let It Continue", Wonkette.
      "Once she'd adequately both-sidesed Congress and Tump, she fell back to more comfortable Republican talking points [...]"