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Middle EnglishEdit

Alternative formsEdit


Borrowed from Old French boton. See English button for more.


  • IPA(key): /buˈtuːn/, /ˈbutun/


botoun (plural botouns)

  1. A button or decorative protrusion on garments or tools.
  2. A bud, budset, or shoot; a newly-formed leaf.
  3. Something that is small or of little or no value or worth.
    • c. 1340, Dan Michel, “Vridom”, in Ayenbite of Inwyt[1], page 86:
      Ac hy habbeþ hire heꝛten zuo areꝛed ine god: þet hi ne pꝛayſeþ þe woꝛdle: bote ane botoun. and hi ne dredeþ kyng. ne eꝛl. []
      But those who have their hearts inspired by God, who don't praise the world('s ways) even a bit and who don't fear kings, earls, []

Derived termsEdit


  • English: button
  • Scots: button