Norwegian NynorskEdit

Etymology 1Edit

From Middle Norwegian bryggja (to brew), from the unattested infinitive Old Norse *bryggja of the actually attested past participle brugginn. From earlier Proto-Germanic *brewwaną (to brew), and ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *bʰrewh₁- (to boil, brew).

Alternative formsEdit


bryggje (present tense bryggjer or bryggjar, past tense brygde or bryggja, passive infinitive bryggjast, present participle bryggjande, imperative brygg)

  1. to brew

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Norse bryggja, from Proto-Germanic *brugjǭ, whence also English bridge.

Alternative formsEdit


bryggje f (definite singular bryggja, indefinite plural bryggjer, definite plural bryggjene)

  1. (nautical) a landing stage, jetty, pier, wharf, dock (US)