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Etymology Edit

From Middle Welsh budyr, from Proto-Brythonic *bʉdr, from Proto-Celtic *bowdrom (filth), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷówh₁-dʰro-m, from *gʷewh₁-.

Pronunciation Edit

Adjective Edit

budr (feminine singular budr, plural budron, equative butred, comparative butrach, superlative butraf)

  1. dirty, filthy
    Synonym: brwnt
  2. vile, foul
  3. (of language) foul

Mutation Edit

Welsh mutation
radical soft nasal aspirate
budr fudr mudr unchanged
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

Further reading Edit

  • R. J. Thomas, G. A. Bevan, P. J. Donovan, A. Hawke et al., editors (1950–present), “budr”, in Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru Online (in Welsh), University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh & Celtic Studies