bulletin board system

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bulletin board system (plural bulletin board systems)

  1. (computing, historical) A type of computer system, now largely obsolete, used to exchange messages and data over a telecommunications network.
    Synonyms: BBS, bulletin board, bulletin board service, CBBS
    • 1986 April 21, Melissa Calvo, “Managers Say Bulletin Boards Part of Job”, in InfoWorld, volume 8, number 16, →ISSN, page 18:
      As companies increase their use of microcomputer-based bulletin board systems, microcomputer managers are finding themselves saddled with the responsibility of being system operators for the boards.
    • 2001, Sanjiv Purba, Architectures for E-Business Systems, CRC Press, →ISBN, page 702:
      Hackers and hacker clubs primarily communicate by means of bulletin board systems. It is estimated that there are about 1,300 underground bulletin boards in the U.S.

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