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bundle of laughs



bundle of laughs (plural bundles of laughs)

  1. (idiomatic) Something or someone very funny or fun.
    • 1982, New York Magazine 11 Jan 1982
      When she was alone with you, she could be a bundle of laughs. But if we were going to a large party, Sunny would break out in welts from nerves.
    • 1991, Third Way Dec 1991 - Jan 1992 - Page 20
      Grim and gloomy Protestantism has never been exactly a bundle of laughs but lately humour in the church, particularly the evangelical wing, seems to be undergoing a revival.
    • 2006, Chris Jones, Genevieve Jolliffe, The guerilla film makers handbook
      Eddie Murphy once said he's worked on films where it has been a bundle of laughs, and other times it has been absolute hell, and you can not tell whether the film will be any good, or terrible based on the experience.