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From bush +‎ walk.


bushwalk (plural bushwalks)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) A hike; an off-road walk in the countryside, possibly wearing a backpack, undertaken as a leisure activity.
    • 2003, Margo Daly, Rough Guide to Australia[1], page 225:
      There are also bushwalks in Sassafras Gully.
    • 2007, Terry Carter, Lara Dunston, Perth & Western Australia, page 138,
      The 24-sq-km Porongurup National Park is 12km long and has 1100-million-year-old granite outcrops, panoramic views, beautiful scenery, large karri trees and excellent bushwalks.
    • 2008, Marc Llewellyn, Lee Mylne, Australia for Dummies, page 176,
      Some offer a guided coach tour during which you just stretch your legs, while others let you get your circulation going with a couple of longish bushwalks.



bushwalk (third-person singular simple present bushwalks, present participle bushwalking, simple past and past participle bushwalked)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand) To undertake an off-road walk in the countryside.
    • 1999, Drew Hutton, Libby Connors, A History of the Australian Environment Movement, page 115,
      In 1913, Myles Dunphy and Bert Gallop had bushwalked through the area when it was still a wilderness, its paths and depths known only to the locals.
    • 2002, Patricia McCune Irvine, A Tinkling Cymbal[2], page 30:
      When he′d grown tall and lanky, he bushwalked on Magnetic Island, with its secluded bays and hiking trails to Mt. Cook through groves of coconut palms and tamarinds and mangoes.
    • 2008, Alan Murphy, Justin Flynn, Paul Harding, Olivia Pozzan, Queensland & the Great Barrier Reef, Lonely Planet, page 61,
      Throughout the state you can also go bushwalking in rainforests, camping on isolated tropical islands, horseriding along coastal beaches, and wildlife-spotting in the plethora of national parks and reserves.