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From back +‎ pack.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbæk.pæk/
  • (file)


backpack (plural backpacks)

  1. A knapsack, sometimes mounted on a light frame, but always supported by straps, worn on a person’s back for the purpose of carrying things, especially when hiking, or on a student's back when carrying books.
    • 2011, Thelma J. Miller, What's in Your Backpack?, page 8:
      Rachel discovered that she could also keep things in her backpack that were important to her, nobody would know about them because they would be hidden. These important things included a small round rock that she had found []
  2. A similarly placed item containing a parachute or other life-support equipment.




backpack (third-person singular simple present backpacks, present participle backpacking, simple past and past participle backpacked)

  1. (intransitive) to hike and camp overnight in backcountry with one's gear carried in a backpack
  2. (intransitive) to engage in low-cost, generally urban, travel with minimal luggage and frugal accommodations
  3. (transitive) to place or carry (an item or items) in a backpack

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