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Alternative formsEdit


car +‎ -man


carman (plural carmen)

  1. (obsolete) A person who transported goods, usually with a horse and cart.
    • 2021, Christer Holmgren, Cutting Point: Solving the Jack the Ripper and the Thames Torso Murders:
      In this book, journalist and researcher Christer Holmgren explains why the murders were never cleared up and names the East End carman Charles Lechmere as the culprit behind both series of murders.
      2022, Doug Lamoreux, Saucy Jacky: The Whitechapel Murders as told by Jack the Ripper[1]:
      The witnesses for the day; two Inspector plods, the peeler who’d been patrolling Baker’s Row when informed of the murder; Charles Cross, the carman who’d done the telling after discovering Nichols dead; William Nichols, the slag’s grieving husband, and others.