categorial (comparative more categorial, superlative most categorial)

  1. categorical, absolute, without exception
    • 1990 : The urgency of feminism to establish a universal status for patriarchy in order to strengthen the appearance of feminism's own claims to be representative has occasionally motivated the shortcut to a categorial or fictive universality of the structures of domination, held to produce women's common subjugated experience. - Gender Trouble by Judith Butler
  2. categorical, pertaining to a category
    • 2004, Andrew Radford, Minimalist Syntax: Exploring the Structure of English, University Press, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, page 55:
      So, there is considerable evidence in favour of drawing a categorial distinction between the preposition for and the complementiser for: they are different lexical items (i.e. words) belonging to different categories.
  3. pertaining to categorial grammar

Derived termsEdit



categorie +‎ -al


categorial m or n (feminine singular categorială, masculine plural categoriali, feminine and neuter plural categoriale)

  1. categorial