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From cat +‎ -ly. Compare catlike.


catly (comparative more catly, superlative most catly)

  1. Of or pertaining to cats; feline.
    • 2003, Lilian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who Went Up the Creek:
      Automatically, he scanned the premises for catly mischief, just as Nick Bamba scanned a vacated guest room for missing lightbulbs and dripping hot water faucets.
    • 2004, Anne Hart, Problem-Solving and Cat Tales for the Holidays:
      Patches rubbed his face on Roxbury's leg in a catly way. Patches stretched out and rolled over, and Whiskers tickled the kitten's neck, shoulders, and upper belly. “I'm their natural science teacher,” said Tiffany in a catly voice as she bent her knees to pet Patches without looking at him.
    • 2004, Lilian Jackson Braun, The Cat Who Talked Turkey:
      In the last few weeks he had appended his column [sic] with a few words of catly wisdom from Cool Koko's Almanac.