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Particularly: “岔曲 and 插曲?”

Borrowing from Mandarin [Term?].


chaqu (plural chaqu)

  1. A form of Chinese opera.
    • 2009, January 1, “Andrew Jacobs”, in Dusting Off a Serene Jewel Box[1]:
      The pavilion's tour de force is the private theater, which provided the emperor with a cozy perch to view chaqu, a form of opera invented by a commoner that became all the rage in 18th-century Beijing.
  2. (film) An inserted musical sequence in a Chinese movie.
    • 2001, Corey K. Creemur, “Picturizing American Cinema”, in Soundtrack Available[2], ISBN 0822328003, page 403:
      Teo clarifies that chaqu were eventually differentiated from "full-fledged" musicals []

Usage notesEdit

  • Often written in italics (chaqu), or pronounced as a foreign word.