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chomp +‎ -er



chomper (plural chompers)

  1. (rare) One who, or that which, chomps.
    • 1983, Robertson Davies, The rebel angels:
      Hollier was a chomper, his jaws working up and down like pistons, and without seeming to be greedy he ate a great deal.
    • 1993, Esther D Rothblum, Kathleen A Brehony, Boston marriages: romantic but asexual relationships among contemporary lesbians:
      I am a chomper of teeth and a displayer of feelings.
  2. (informal) A tooth.
    • 2003, Curtis J Badger, Virginia's wild side: fifty outdoor adventures from the mountains to the ocean:
      I wanted an ancient shark tooth, a chomper that last saw use by a predator perhaps 25 million years ago.