chuck in



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chuck in (third-person singular simple present chucks in, present participle chucking in, simple past and past participle chucked in)

  1. (slang, transitive) to give up, to quit
    • 1995, Miranda Lee, Marriage in Jeopardy:
      Blake shocked everyone by chucking in his job, selling his flat and returning home to take up the flagging reins of the family company.
    • 28 May 2000, St. Petersburg Times - The good and the bad of Spanish travel writing Series: BOOKS
      Rather he gives a convincing impression of someone who wants to chuck in his old life in England and build a new life, not just a summer villa,
    • 2009, Adam Shand, The skull: informers, hit men and Australia's toughest cop:
      So in February 1987, when a colleague suggested it was time to chuck it in, Murphy agreed without emotion. Members who had reached the age of fifty-five or had thirty years of service could now take an early retirement