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Etymology 1Edit

From Ancient Greek κλίνη (klínē, bed).


clinal (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to beds or rest.
    • 1984, Anthony Burgess, Enderby's Dark Lady:
      ‘Strange,’ Enderby said. ‘Here we both are, in a clinal situation so to speak, a bed context I mean, the Greek word means to lean or repose I suppose, hence bed, hence clinic by the way, and this has nothing to do with my feverish imaginings.’
  2. (chemistry) Describing a torsion angle between 30° and 150°

Etymology 2Edit

cline +‎ -al


clinal (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to a cline.
    • 1994, Anders P Moller, Sexual Selection and the Barn Swallow, Oxford, published 2000, page 299:
      Clinal variation in the size of the secondary sexual character may be due to the effects of the Fisher or the handicap process.