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Noun edit

clis m

  1. vocative/genitive singular of cleas

Mutation edit

Irish mutation
Radical Lenition Eclipsis
clis chlis gclis
Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.

Scottish Gaelic edit

Etymology edit

Derived from cleas (play, trick, feat) or its source.

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

clis (comparative clise)

  1. (Argyll) quick, swift, agile, nimble, speedy, active
    cho clis ri dealanachas fast as lightning
    • (date unknown), Alasdair MacFhraing (words), Teàrlach MacAonghais (melody), Mo ghleannan Taobh Loch Lìobhann:
      Air an achadh bheag uain' chaidh lomadh le fàl
      Bidh na gillean le 'n camain a' strì ann
      'S chan eil buidheann an siorramachd mhòr Earra-Ghàidheal
      Tha cho clis ris na suinn taobh Loch Lìobhainn.
      On the little green field that was mown by a scythe
      The lads will be competing with their shinty sticks
      And there isn't a team in the great shire of Argyll
      That's as agile as the heroes by Loch Leven.

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