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See also: coordinate and co-ordinate




coördinate (third-person singular simple present coördinates, present participle coördinating, simple past and past participle coördinated)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of coordinate


coördinate (plural coördinates)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of coordinate


coördinate (comparative more coördinate, superlative most coördinate)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of coordinate
    • 1921, Edward Sapir, Language
      The radical element A (“to cut up”), before entering into combination with the coördinate element B (“to sit”), is itself compounded with two nominal elements or element-groups—an instrumentally used stem (F) (“knife”), which may be freely used as the radical element of noun forms but cannot be employed as an absolute noun in its given form, and an objectively used group—(E) + C + d (“black cow or bull”).

Usage notesEdit

See main entry, coordinate.