A coal train in Queensland, 1991


coal train (plural coal trains)

  1. (rail transport) a freight train which carries a single commodity: coal.
    • 1959, Steam's Finest Hour, edited by David P. Morgan, Kalmbach Publishing Co., page 61:
      Out in Ohio on test on level, tangent track a single 2-6-6-6 once moved a 160-car, 14.083-ton coal train to 19 miles per hour from a standing start in 1 mile and 6 minutes, and had it rolling 29 miles per hour within a total elapsed time of 11 minutes.
    • 1961 March, Warren Smith, “The problems of train regulation - a study of operation at Trent”, in Trains Illustrated, page 169:
      One of the biggest flows of traffic through Trent consists of coal trains from Toton to Castle Donington or Willington power stations (on the Castle Donington branch) or to the Birmingham area, with two or three trains to Chaddesden.

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