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come aloft



come aloft

  1. (obsolete, slang) To mount sexually; also, to have an erection.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, III.x:
      his louely wife emongst them lay, / Embraced of a Satyre rough and rude, / Who all the night did minde his ioyous play: / Nine times he heard him come aloft ere day, / That all his hart with gealosie did swell; / But yet that nights ensample did bewray, / That not for nought his wife them loued so well, / When one so oft a night did ring his matins bell.
    • 1633, James Shirley, The Witty Fair One, IV.iv:
      Fowler: I must kiss her:–(kisses her) – thou hast a down lip, and dost twang it handsomely; now to the business.
      Penelope: This is not all I look for.
      Fowler (aside): She will not tempt me to come aloft, will she?