comic +‎ -o- +‎ nomenclature +‎ -ist



comiconomenclaturist (plural comiconomenclaturists)

  1. (rare, humorous) A connoisseur of humorous names.
    • 1982, Peter Bowler, The Superior Person's Book of Words, David R. Godine, published 2006, →ISBN, page 22:
      Chinese names are not fair game, and no self-respecting comiconomenclaturist would include in his collection a Ho Hum, a T. Hee, or a Jim Shoo.
    • 2002 November 7, Rick Sobie, “Re: Neologism in Cliche”, in alt.language.patterns[1] (Usenet):
      Personally I find the use of the neologistic cliché quite otiose, although, having said that, the rejectamenta of a comiconomenclaturist such as yourself, engaged in stentorophonic ultracepidarian ululation, (excessive broadcasting/crossposting) leads one to believe that perhaps, this apophthegm of yours, might be just the calefacient, that I needed, to make use of this new book on words I have.
    • 2006 August 25, Richard Bollard, “Re: Not to cause any trouble but...”, in alt.usage.english[2] (Usenet):
      Once, when I was a comiconomenclaturist, I captured the name Rick Shaw. On the radio, t'other day, was a Robin Banks.