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Etymology edit

French confessant.

Noun edit

confessant (plural confessants)

  1. (obsolete) One who confesses to a priest.
    Synonym: penitent
    • 1625, Francis [Bacon], “[Apophthegm 213]”, in Apophthegmes New and Old. [], London: [] Hanna Barret, and Richard Whittaker, [], →OCLC, page 234:
      [T]he poſture of the Confeſſant and the Prieſt in Confeſsion: which is, that the Confeſſant kneeles downe before the Prieſt ſitting in a raiſed chaire aboue him.

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Verb edit


  1. gerund of confessar

French edit

Participle edit


  1. present participle of confesser

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