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Etymology edit

From conspiracy + theoretic, after conspiracy theory. Compare conspiracy-theoretical.

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Adjective edit

conspiracy-theoretic (comparative more conspiracy-theoretic, superlative most conspiracy-theoretic)

  1. Pertaining to or characteristic of a conspiracy theory.
    • 2000, Gary Brent Madison, Is There a Canadian Philosophy?, page 155:
      Moreover (contra conspiracy-theoretic paranoia), the financial or political knowledge of even those with the most questionable motives and the greatest power is finite.
    • 2014, Dennis Whitcomb, in Matheson & Vitz (Eds.), The Ethics of Belief, Oxford 2014, p. 96:
      To fill in the details of the case, suppose that you have more or less all the same evidence most of us have about Obama, plus a small smattering of evidence from conspiracy-theoretic films about the matter.