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copper +‎ -y


coppery (comparative more coppery, superlative most coppery)

  1. Resembling the metal copper, especially in color.
    • 2002, E. P. Anshutz, New, Old and Forgotten Remedies, page 380:
      That night I dreamed I had a very disagreeable taste in my mouth, which caused me to spit all the time. I awoke and found my mouth full of saliva, with a coppery taste, and sure enough, I was obliged to spit.
    • 2006, Victoria Sherrow, Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History, page 155:
      Venetian women who wanted coppery hair colors applied bleaching mixtures, such as one that contained alum, sulfur, soda, and rhubarb. Then they sat in the sun, where heat produced a chemical reaction that developed the color.

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