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cross channel

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Alternative formsEdit


cross + channel


cross channel (not comparable)

  1. Alternative spelling of cross-channel


cross channel (plural cross channels)

  1. A minor channel connecting two larger channels running parallel to each other
    • 1866 Charles Knight, The English cyclopaedia, v.1 p.1068
      the Sulina, which runs on from the Danube in an eastern direction, forming, with the Kilia and a cross channel between the two arms, the deltoid islands of Lete and Chatel or Tchetal
  2. A cross- current
    • 1818 (March 9) Second Report, Tidal Harbours Commission App.C, Supp.2, No.12 (John Rennie); p.18 (in Sessional Papers of the House of Lords, Vol.48):
      The channel across the Sandness is formed by the action of the seas, with winds from north-easterly and easterly points, throwing up the sand and obstructing the ebbing current in its progress to sea... My idea of the best mode of stopping the present cross channel, is to drive a double row of sheeting piles at the distance of about 30 feet from each other ...