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See also: cross-check and cross check



crosscheck (plural crosschecks)

  1. (ice hockey) A penalty.
  2. (lacrosse) A penalty where a player hits another player with the shaft of their lacrosse stick with their hands spread apart.


crosscheck (third-person singular simple present crosschecks, present participle crosschecking, simple past and past participle crosschecked)

  1. (lacrosse) To hit another player with the shaft of a lacrosse stick.
    • 2009, January 16, “Dave Caldwell”, in Goalie Takes a Long Trip to Reach the N.H.L.[1]:
      He picked up a roughing penalty for crosschecking Montreal’s Andrei Kostitsyn to the ice Tuesday after Kostitsyn hit Boston defenseman Aaron Ward from behind.
  2. To re-examine; to double-check.