crunk +‎ -meister


crunkmeister (plural crunkmeisters)

  1. (slang, neologism) A performer of crunk music.
    • 2002, Vibe (volume 10, number 11, page 162)
      In the South, where folks often walk straight off the corner into the congregation, people expect rap to touch on the sacred as well as the profane, though it handles the latter much more convincingly than the former. Pastor Troy flips this equation. On his uneven but occasionally stirring new release, the ATL crunkmeister is at his best when dropping lyrics about the rapture []
    • 2006, People (volume 65, page 41)
      [] a couple of reggae-flavored tracks, including the Shaggy-assisted "Rain," and the sweetly nostalgic doo-wop throwback "Back When It Was," which, in a marked stylistic departure, was produced by crunkmeister Lil Jon.